Online Service Helps Working, Traveling, and Busy Parents Monitor

Heartfelt Solutions, Inc. today announced the availability of Online to help parents better manage family health conditions and Identify, Control, and Reduce the health complications their child often experiences in the daycare or school setting.

“feel Well Online is not a type of health insurance or replacement for advice from family physicians. And it’s not a health information site like Web MD”, says Jeanine Mitchell, founder and CEO. “feel Well Online is an easy, fast, and secure way for parents to effortlessly organize information about their child’s activities, meals, life events, and health incidents from anywhere, at anytime.

This type of information is usually written on paper that gets lost or not tracked at all and parents find themselves at a loss when faced with their child’s next doctor visit and a laundry list of questions about when symptoms first began, how often medications were taken, what activity the child was doing, and where the child was immediately before,” she continues. “feel Well Online removes the guesswork and personalises the doctor visit experience.”

feel Well Online online health journals allow parents to access real-time information about their child’s activities, meals, life events, and health incidents all in one place from anywhere, at anytime. By using technology to piece together bits of information based on events that occur at different times and in different places, feel Well Online weaves together a reliable and accurate condition history that parents can share with family doctors to improve their child’s diagnosis and treatment plans.

Parents can authorise daycare providers, schools, and camps to record information in their child’s online journal, saving time and eliminating the worry about what’s happening when they are away or at work.
Individuals can sign up for a feel Well Online personal membership for free. for more information about feel Well Online.
About Heartfelt Solutions, Inc.

Heartfelt Solutions, Inc. was founded to deliver incident reporting services and technology that Identify, Control, and Reduce™ hidden environmental hazards, health complications, and financial risks when caring for children, elderly, and disabled adults. Daycare, assisted living, and nursing care providers are affiliated with Heartfelt to use our easy, fast, and secure technology in delivering higher quality and lower risk care.